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International Business Development

 IBD is a global company, with broad diversified activities. Though it started with special emphasis on works in the field of commercial worldwide business, the company successfully grew and expanded very quickly to include among its main activities, providing consultancy and training services.

The company provides a set of services including specialized commercial services, creating and formalizing investment opportunities. Advising on commercial consolidations is a major activity covered by the company especially when the process of merger & acquisition between big companies requires professional expertise.

IBD Company facilitates and assists the clients to reach their business goals and achieve their strategic objectives with a strict privacy policy serving their confidentiality. IBD also builds means of cooperation with the Business Development departments of other companies.

Our Partners
IBD has a global network of expert partners. This helps us identify and meet our customer’s needs even in the very advanced sophisticated fields. Several joint-work agreements have been signed with IBD. Therefore, the company has been able to access a large base of various clients and had sufficient persuasive abilities due to its good reputation. That has caused IBD to receive formal invitations from some countries and companies requesting the company to explore and market the prospect opportunities in their regions.
Our Mission and Objectives
IBD aims to be the leading economic body constituting a distinct and steady resource for investors who seek promising-success and valuable opportunities with good returns. It aims to be considered as an important fountainhead for investing sectors particularly in the Saudi Market, the rich market of investing peculiar opportunities. Many international companies are eager to invest in it and that accordingly will find a chance to promote such opportunities.
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