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Infrastructure :

The region is witnessing huge demand for construction companies specialized in all infrastructure fields such as roads & bridges building, water desalination, power generation stations, large buildings and housing units. Projects taking place in GCC countries reached approximately the value of 620 billions USD.

Saudi Arabia's share in such projects is about 29,3 %, 182 billion USD, 80 billion USD of this value or more than 44% has been dedicated for civil projects which include infrastructure projects.

Also there is large demand for construction materials and more extensive demand for construction services and relative skillful labor.

Therefore, IBD is trying to attract big dedicated companies' engagement in the contracting sector or to supply work requirements for such companies in addition to evaluating contracts and facilitating operations for companies willing to expand and vary their geographical investing scope. IBD is also aware of the conjugate demand for construction materials, particularly cement, so it devoted a special company and work staff for this field



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