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Power, Oil and Mining Sector :

Besides its varied business patterns, IBD is engaged in power sector which is one of the rapid growing sectors in the world.

Global oil consumption has been estimated to be about 84,6 million b/d with increase of 1,9 million b/d comparing with 2004, and compared with an annual increase rate of 1,6 million b/d through the period of 2001-2005.

It is expected that the world demand for oil will increase from the current rate of more than 80 million b/d to 103 million b/d by 2015.

Oil and Gas in the Middle East: A recent study has estimated that the investment volume expected in the sector of oil, gas and petrochemical products in the Arabic region is around 128 billion USD during the period of 2006-2010, which is equivalent to 83% of the total investments in the sector including electric power generation. The other 17% which is equivalent to 38 billion USD is directed to investment in Electric power generation.              read more


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