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Representation and Logistic Support (R&LS) Department :

This section provides its services to meet the desires of many large companies and investors wishing to communicate and access to gulf and especially Saudi markets. Services of this sector include representation, support, providing consultants and setting out plans to arrange entry processes and ensure their success.

The company, due to growing demand of customers on this type of services, established (Integrated Services Center).

This center will be responsible for providing qualitative and quantitative services to those who wish to enter gulf and Saudi markets and access to a wide base of investors.

The center will focus its services on consulting, setting out plans, identifying systems and linking between legal corporations and regulatory agencies. Additionally, it will find links between local distinguished partners when needed and provide integrated merger services financially and legally, or arrangements of local partnerships through our specialized partners.

This center will also provide other distinguished and diversified services that will be offered to our customers. The companies wishing to join currently amount to 8 international companies from different continents and on various scope of work, given that these companies have been screened from long list of companies which have the desire to enter the region. However, excellence of IBD Company commits it to strict standards that made all its associates show great and extensive confidence in the companies supported by IBD



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